A Green Business!

When we say we are a “green” business, we mean it!

Our carpet cleaning solution is exclusive to Carpet Pro – created to provide a neutral pH and be TOTALLY HARMLESS TO CHILDREN AND PETS.

This solution actually sterilizes your carpet, killing germs and bacteria. As a bonus, it returns the carpet to its original pH.  This is unlike most commercial carpet cleaners that leave your carpet at a high pH that attracts dirt – and makes it possible for old stains to reappear weeks later.

KEEPS YOU CARPET CLEANER, LONGER: we know of no other carpet cleaner that uses a totally pH balanced cleaning solution. No matter how clean other cleaners get your carpet, if the pH balance is not perfectly neutral, it will attract and hold soil and look dirty again quicker!

PROTECTS YOUR CARPET: typical steam cleaners use temperatures near 240 degrees – this can melt the glue holding the carpet fibers to the backing, literally “cooking” your carpet and resulting in separated seams and wrinkles! Carpet Pro controls its steam temperature to a safe 180 degrees, cleaning without damage.